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REV training enhances your sensory skills by removing milliseconds of visual information. Think of it like resistance training for your brain. As the REV lenses strobe, your brain is forced to work with less, making decisions and reacting in a hyper-efficient way.
*VQ modes shown are for REV Sport. REV Tactical VQ mode flicker frequencies will differ.


Skills Trained

Training with the REVs are shown to improve 9 key skills among countless others. Click below to learn more about skills you can expect to grow if you train with the REVs.

(Click on a skill for more info)


Construct a mental image to recreate and object or event.


Precisely and accurately of time a response to a moving object.


Learn to direct and maintain attention on the primary task while faced with distractions.

Depth Perception
Depth Perception

Better perceive the relative distance of objects.


Reduce the time required to mentally process visual information and take action.

Balance & Stability
Balance & Stability

Maintain stability while making rapid eye movement to track or search for an object.

Peripheral Vision
Peripheral Vision

Improve detection of movement and monitoring of surroundings outside the primary line of sight.

Eye Dominance
Eye Dominance

Retrain or reinforce the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye to the other.


Find and maintain attention on rapidly moving targets.

Who's training with VIMA?

"The REV glasses worked great for me. They help me improve my eye-hand coordination, as well as my vision."
Maurice Harris,
Washington Redskins Wide Receiver
"The magical aspect of the Revs helps with reactivity, timing, focus, awareness, and coordination."
Coach Kamalani,
Nike Master Speed Trainer
"Training the brain with the REVs to make decisions with limited visual information makes better athletic performance."
Doug Cosbie,
Dallas Cowboys
"The great ones say that the game slows down for them visually. Training with the REVs can, and will, give you that same ability."
Rick Hagedorn,
Founder/Director Speedburners

Proven Through Science

Vision is the guiding sense for most human performance. Our visual system strengthens the “where” (location) and “when” (timing) of human performance. Of the 2.2 million nerve fibers leading from the eyes to the brain, nearly 10% go to non-sight areas, mostly effecting balance and stability. Decades of research has shown that (1) athletes “see” differently than non-athletes, (2) visual performance varies by sport and even by position, and (3) visual skills are trainable to influence sport performance.

  • 20+ peer reviewed research studies discuss the benefits of stroboscopic training
  • 4 patents
  • Currently used by Olympians and players from more than 35 universities and 20 professional sports teams
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Seamless Integration

No learning or new equipment required. Whatever drill or training you are currently doing, continue it with the REVs to further challenge and hone your senses. For drills and other training ideas ranging from general athleticism to specific sports, click below.

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The Vima App

Your training isn’t complete without the REV app. Our system uses Bluetooth® connection to adjust strobe settings, making it easy for coaches or trainers to lead drills while the athlete stays focused and hands-free.

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